Wessel Berkman is a commercial expert and shows you how to win from the competition. With a clear commercial philosophy / vision, a clear execution plan with immediate useful tips, you can immediately make a difference.
When you are ready for the ultimate confrontation about your commercial system, Wessel is the challenger you are looking for.
Wessel is a creative, entrepreneur and founder of advisory organizations such as The Commercial Revolution, The Social Selling Company, IRISARKE (social influencers like the new retailer) and The Brown Paper Company. He is also founder of various top networks such as Nintes, Nedbricks and The Millennials. He has written several Dutch bestsellers such as: 
·       The Commercial Revolution, 
·       The power of social selling, 
·       LEF (The secret of market disturbers unraveled)
·       Management as it is intended.
His motto is: don't follow hypes: turn your own company into a hype!


The commercial revolution

Online keynote

Do you also recognize the following?
• The modern customer buys differently.
• Customers expect much more than ever before.
• Managers no longer know which new developments they must follow.
• Be overtaken by competitors online.
• Wonder pills such as individual training and some smart tools do not work.
Technological developments and a new competitive field are developing rapidly. The unlimited digital possibilities have a huge impact on the current commerce of businesses. The person who responds best to this is the winner.
In addition to a modern on- and offline commercial blueprint, this requires a new modern daily routine from the current commercial employee. In this keynote, Wessel Berkman explains in an enlightening way how commerce is changing in the digital age. Wessel clearly explains how you have the best chance of continuing to operate successfully in the coming years due to a commercially.
A keynote that certainly needs to be heard by general and commercial management but also by sales who want to remain the best in their sector. Also a very inspiring keynote for sales kick-offs.


Sales 2021

Innovation is happening in a fast pace. Digital transformation provides organizations many new opportunities in delivering new services – new solutions – new business models.  A commercial (digital) transformation is required to anticipate on the changing behavior of the B2B buyer.
In this workshop, TrendActor, Wessel Berkman helps organization to stay commercially successful. You’ll receive answers on:

• What are the latest technological online and offline developments you should know and embrace to be commercially successful?
• What is the right to exist of your organization?
• Where is your organization now in terms of structure and culture elements?
• What can your team do tomorrow to make a difference?
• What is the best route for improvement? What can you do yourself and where do you need support?
• What does the business case look like: How are we going to exceed the intended ambition / objectives?
When is this workshop interesting for you? 
• You have a good plan and still want to find the next limit.
• You are uncertain about your current plan and are looking for sharpening the commercial plan.
• You see a lot of untapped potential but have not fully taken it in for years.
• You have finished doing incoherent things and you really want to go for it.
• You want to become or remain the leader your sector.

Delivery Method Online & Offline
Date T.b.d.
Location T.b.d.
Language Dutch (English on request)
Duration 8 hours
Price Please contact us at info@trendactors.com



Wednesday 18.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands

Workshop Backcasting

Wednesday 11.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands


Service automation // Artificial Intelligence  // Digitalisering // Digital Transformation // Future of Work


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