Toni van Dam is a digital sales and social selling expert. He is partner at The Social Selling Company and The Commercial Revolution. He helps organizations with the implementation of a digital sales strategy and trains CxO’s, management, sales and marketing teams to develop their modern sales routine. Toni’s keynotes and workshop helped many organizations to increase their network, pipeline and conversion rates and margin.
Toni is a guest teacher at Nyenrode University and author of the book “the power of social selling”.  A domain expert that has proven to make an impact on organizations.


The power of social selling

Online keynote

The customer buys differently than before. 67% of the B2B buying process nowadays takes place online, without you being involved as a retailer or seller.
If you do not respond to this as a company, you will miss out a lot of sales. This keynote is about changing the sales behavior and building a new daily routine. A new sales routine where the sales is online, finding the right buyer, engaging and educating the B2B buyer with the right content.
This keynote explains the power of social selling and will make you understand that with a new routine you can easily increase your network, pipeline and revenue.
Toni has trained thousands of sales in small and large companies. With practical examples and use cases he will inspire the audience! A keynote that can’t be missed for everyone who is contact with customers.


Social Selling ++

Online Workshop 

The B2B buyers behavior has changed:
·      92% of the B2B buyer is doing online research before they buy.
·      75% of the B2B buyer is using social media to validate the company and product.
·      57% of the customer journey is done without involvement of a sales.
It’s important that everyone in the organization is aware and change their approach towards the buyers to educate and engage with them in a right way.
This workshop helps you and your organization to expand your network with 40%, create more opportunities with 30% and increase your revenue with 20%.
The entire social selling process is explained at this workshop. You’ll get answers on how to manage the social selling process. You’ll learn how to; build your brand, find the buyer, engage with the buyer, educate the buyer, etc.
After this live session you’ll have a good impression of how to maximize sales with the use of social selling.
After this live session you’ll be invited to join on-line 6 webinars:
Webinar 1: Social selling toolbox & social media profiles
Webinar 2: Be seen as an expert - build up personal brand
Webinar 3: Content creation & curation
Webinar 4: The B2B online customer journey
Webinar 5: Generate leads & make connection
Webinar 6: Sales Navigator basics - social listening
Attention will also be paid on how you can convert these social selling skills into a daily routine. A workshop that can’t be missed by anyone in the organization who is in contact with customers.

Delivery Method Online | 6 webinars | Personal Profile Scan | Book the social selling
Date T.b.d.
Location T.b.d.
Language Dutch (English on request)
Duration  4 hours Live webinar + 6 webinars
Price € 299,-/ participant 



Wednesday 18.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands

Workshop Backcasting

Wednesday 11.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands


Service automation // Artificial Intelligence  // Digitalisering // Digital Transformation // Future of Work


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