Philippe Gosseye is Sr. Director EMEA, Focus Accounts & Integrated Marketing at Dell Technologies. Prior to this he has been active in various sales and marketing roles, among others, at Microsoft.
The marketing landscape is changing fast. Today’s marketeers must be able to tell and sell their data-backed story, internally and externally. Being a creative right brain marketer is not enough. As such we need to develop our ‘other’, more analytical side and we all need to become an extraverd nerd.
Philippe has written the book ‘The Extraverd Nerd’ and has inspired thousands of marketers and students at business schools and universities. Phillipe is a frequently asked speaker. In a pragmatic way he explains the need for change in marketing in the digital era. New technologies enable us to know and serve customers better.
Philippe is a real TrendActor. He’s able to explain the trends in marketing and to guide you to build and execute a compelling marketing strategy.


Marketing - The extraverted nerd

Online keynote

Commerce and Marketing has become a delicate balancing act: we must now combine on- with offline, old with new marketing tactics, creative with analytical thinking.
These days, marketers are more than ever expected to combine hard with soft skills. Hard skills to get the job done, soft skills to create the type of cross-fertilization needed to gain a 360° view on the customer. While marketing is shifting towards the technical and analytical sides, the need for soft skills is also on the rise. When it comes to career success, EQ -the combination of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills- is becoming more important in most business positions.
What people need is ‘serial mastery’. Serial masters have a core set of highly valuable skills which they love and that are of value to businesses. Serial masters are also flexible about the field of profession they’re in and the industries in which they operate. They re-invent themselves multiple times throughout their careers to stay meaningful in a changing, job market. They truly are lifelong learners.
Philippe Gosseye is a passioned marketeer who wrote the book ‘the extraverted nerd’. In his keynote he will explain the shift in marketing. An inspiring and eye-opening keynote!!


Marketing – The extraverted nerd

The workshop will have a focus on the shift that is happening in marketing. At this workshop the following 4 trends in marketing will be covered.
Big Story: Today's marketer must strengthen his story with data and be able to sell in the right way, internally and externally. He must be more than the creative, right-brain marketer. Marketing is art and science. That is why that analytical side is so important.
Big Intelligence: Marketing is a subtle balancing act: we must combine online with offline, old with new marketing tactics, creative analytical thinking.
Big Relevance: Customers expect innovative ideas that are relevant to their specific problems and that can deliver measurable results. As a marketer, how can you be relevant to the customer today, and how does that relevance translate into the various steps of the process and how do you design that customer journey?
Big Relations: Value is created in relationships, networks, co-innovation, sharing, ecosystems. It comes down to being and staying valuable. Relationships transcend self-interest. The goal is to create more value together and to remain of value to each other. This is a network of relationships that each add value to the network.
Big Team: The modern marketer is expected more than ever to be able to combine hard skills with soft skills. Hard skills to realize things, soft skills to achieve a kind of cross-pollination, necessary to have a 360 ° view of the customer. While the technical and analytical side of marketing is gaining more importance, the importance of soft skills is also growing. An optimal combination of hard and soft skills ensures more competition between companies in the search for the right talent.

The flow of the workshop:  At this workshop insights and knowledge will be shared about above pillars. After that cases and examples will be discussed that will help you to apply the knowledge in your business.

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Language Dutch (English when requested)
Duration 8 hours
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Wednesday 18.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands

Workshop Backcasting

Wednesday 11.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands


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