Peter Ros helps people, companies and governmetns to make clear decisions to develop strategy in the arena of exponential technologies. Peter is a future strategist, entrepreneur, published author and international  keynote speaker. As TrendActor in the field of Emerging Technologies & Future Wellbeing, his research focuses on the impact of Exponential trends, Programmable Matter and Digital Transformation.
Inevitably emerging technologies will have a huge impact on how we live, work and develop in an increasingly crowded world. Indisputable there will be lots of chances to make life more convenient, more personalized and better for some. But the big challenge ahead is how we are going to manage distribution of energy, food, goods, health and housing beneficial for many.
Peter Ros will provide you with insights in the dynamics of new technologies and how to transform yourself into a self-aware knowledge worker and your business into an innovative and creative ecosystem.
Peter is (a.o.t.) founder of Permanent Beta. A big 'open source in the real world’ community of 5000 people, exploring technical and societal innovation driven by the freedom of network & information.


Backcasting for Future Strategy

Online keynote

Ever accelerating technology is shortening the lifecycle of many companies. Some find out how to prosper, many die due to lack of resilience & creativity. The ”Comfort–Crisis paradox” keeps you in place doing business because of short time profit or makes you move like a scared rabbit as a result of urgency. In this ever faster changing world we need to create a new way we operate.
In his keynotes Peter provides valuable insights on the patters of exponential technologies and dynamics of digitization. Not only will you be fueled with ideas for future leadership and strategy, Peter knows how to create an ‘possibility rush’ that puts people to action!
Need some positive energy on personal and business
futurism? Go attend this keynote!


Create the perfect company: let’s start backcasting

Let's build the perfect company!

What do we solve: Uncertainty about the strategy to be pursued, due to digital printing and technological trends.

What do we do: We take a look at the ideal future of your company.

What are the takeaways:Inspiration for opportunities, threat awareness, tools for the future.

Target group: Anny organization that wants to get a grip in a VUCA world

Peter Ros, professional keynote speaker and author of the bestseller Waror

Delivery Method Online & Offline session
Date On request
Location Live, t.b.d.
Language Dutch (English when requested)
Duration 3.5 hours

€ 50 per participant (Live workshop costs € 500 per person)



Wednesday 18.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands

Workshop Backcasting

Wednesday 11.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands


Service automation // Artificial Intelligence  // Digitalisering // Digital Transformation // Future of Work


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