Peter Mols is a TrendActor in the domain of Blockchain. He is an independent creative thinker and enthusiastic speaker who loves strong strategic conceptual thoughts and fierce implementation power. Peter is always open to new ideas. He is inquisitive and persistent in supporting organizations in the field of digital transformation.
As one of the founders of Xurux (a Blockchain start-up), he focuses on developing new strategies and business cases that use the innovative potential of Blockchain. He strongly believes in the power of distributed ledger technologies but is convinced it all starts with a first small step. Learning by doing and mostly… learning by failure.
Blockchain is not the holy grail, it is just another amazing technology that can be useful in taking organizations’ business models to the next level. 
Besides CEO of Xurux, Peter is Managing Director of SIVI, knowledge center and standardization institute for digital processes in the Insurance Industry within the Netherlands. For over 20 years he worked as a consultant and interim manager in the Financial Services Industry.


Blockchain – A small step …  Huge impact !!

Online keynote

Blockchain, the distributed ledger technology that generates so much buzz and has so many expectations to fulfill, is still on its way up.
A lot has been said, yelled sometimes even, and now it’s time to see what sticks and discover how Blockchain can add true value. According to Gartner, Blockchain has reached the ‘Through of Disillusionment’ phase: the hype fades, while ‘trial and error’ slowly make place for focused business cases. In this, the value-add of Blockchain is leading.
In this Keynote Peter will update you on the status of this technology from a theoretical but mostly practical and pragmatical point of view. He shares ‘real life’ business cases showing the functionalities and possibilities fulfilled by using Blockchain technology.
Peter Mols is a passioned blockchain entrepreneur who is involved in many blockchain projects. An inspiring and eye-opening keynote!!


The value of Blockchain in my business

 This workshop will explain Blockchain. During this workshop you will be inspired, challenged and explore the possibilities and value add of Blockchain in your business.
TrendActor, Peter Mols, has developed a compelling workshop where:
·      The impact of blockchain technology in business will be explained.
·      The added value of blockchain is illustrated with use of real-life business cases.
·      Blockchain use cases in your environment are identified
During this workshop you will be given the knowledge, exercises and practical blockchain experiences to progress blockchain in your environment.
Blockchain technology in business, blockchain cases, user and organization challenges are closely highlighted. Everything with the purpose to understand where to start and to make bottom line impact.
When is this workshop interesting for you?
·      You want to understand the business benefit and impact of blockchain.
·      You have tried to implement blockchain, but it failed (many do).
·      You recognize the business benefits of blockchain but do not know where to start.
You want to accelerate fast.

Delivery Method Online & Offline
Date T.b.d.
Location T.b.d.
Language Dutch (English on request)
Duration 8 hours
Price Please contact us at



Wednesday 18.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands

Workshop Backcasting

Wednesday 11.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands


Service automation // Artificial Intelligence  // Digitalisering // Digital Transformation // Future of Work


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