Jos Westerkamp (30) is TrendActor in the field of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). When he finished his double master’s degree he first worked for a start up in Berlin before he moved to a consultancy firm. He came into contact with AR/VR in a very early stage and felt immediately in love by the potential and the impact these technologies can make. A switch to TWNKLS (now part of PTC), one of Europe’s leading AR players was therefore a logical move. In his current role as Marketing Lead, he attracts, guides and inspires potential clients in their first steps into the world of AR. 
His approach is to not only present fancy showreels or future possibilities. He likes to show what’s possible tomorrow just as well. Jos is a no- nonsense TrendActor who is able to challenge organizations in creating new possibilities with AR/VR. Applications that increase process efficiency, convince the end customer and are exceeding by far the status of gimmick. AR and VR are all about process efficiency and therefore true value. Jos ensures that his keynotes and workshops are customized to your organization so know how to put it in practice.
Jos has inspired thousands of people with his AR/VR keynote and has helped many companies to apply AR/VR in business.


Disrupting your value chain with AR/VR

Online keynote

First web, then mobile, now Augmented Reality. AR overlays information on top of your real world. And innovative companies who are already have implemented AR are experiencing serious benefits that exceeding by far the status of gimmick. For example: the way AR makes products ‘come to life’ within a customer’s personal context is a game changer for securing sales. 
The same practical usefulness holds for Virtual Reality (VR) were the user is closed off and immersed in another reality, like a future house or an on-site production facility. Simulating these situations, allow workers to train on future work and situational awareness.
In this Keynote, Jos Westerkamp, will not talk about things that will someday be possible but about AR/VR cases that are actual today in place. After this Keynote you have a clear understanding of how AR and VR work and the 4 pillars of a successful immersive project. 


Disrupting your value chain with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

 The speed of innovation in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) is moving fast. AR/VRoffers every business a countless number of new possibilities. The application in the field of AR/VR in companies will increase. Every industry, company is expected to use AR/VR soon. If you want to discover what impact AR/VR could make on your business, then you should not miss this workshop
TrendActor, Jos Westerkamp will facilitate a unique AR/VR workshop. This workshop will explain:
·      Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).
·      Where AR/VR can make a real impact in business.
·      How to Improve the customer journey with the use of AR/VR.
·      How AR/VR can support the internal organization.
·      How to improve operational excellence with the use of AR/VR.
With this workshop receive the knowledge, exercises and practical VR & AR experiences to apply VR/AR within your organization. Many VR/AR reference cases will be shared to inspire and learn. You’ll be challenged to explore the possibilities in your business.
This workshop will be used to work out the AR/VR plan in more detail with the purpose to build an AR/VR plan in your business that makes an impact. Topics like building the business justification, what are the critical success factors, what capabilities are needed, etc. will all be covered.
When is this workshop interesting for you?
·      You want to understand the business benefit and impact of Virtual and Augmented Reality.
·      You have tried to implement VR/AR, but it failed.
·      You recognize the business benefits of VR/AR but do not know where to start.
·      You want to accelerate fast with VR/AR.

Delivery Method Online or Offline session
Date T.b.d.
Location T.b.d.
Language Dutch (English when requested)
Duration 8 hours
Price Please contact us at



Wednesday 18.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands

Workshop Backcasting

Wednesday 11.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands


Service automation // Artificial Intelligence  // Digitalisering // Digital Transformation // Future of Work


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