Guy Janssens is an experienced professional in Leadership, Transformation and Change. In his career Transformation and Development have always been key factors. Guy Janssens is an entrepreneur in change management. He is leading a consulting organization with a focus on change. His approach has always been pragmatic, combining consultancy with operational activities that are stimulating implementation at the client.   
His pragmatic approach is clarifying and has given thousands of people a refreshing look at the impact that can be made with change. As a storyteller with 28 years of experience in his own business Guy is an inspirational speaker who will bring practical solutions, adapted to your business and your phase in your lifecycle. Guy is a frequently asked speaker, advisor to many top leading global IT and Innovative companies around the world to help them successfully change in the digital era.  
For good reasons Guy is part of the community platform TrendActors. TrendActors is a community where professionals share their knowledge with others about all kind of relevant innovations that will impact societies, organizations and people.  Managing change is important and relevant to succeed in adopting and implementing these innovations.


Competences for Change and Transformation

Online keynote

We know from our experience over the past decade that people are not looking for change. Even Leaders tend to stay in their comfort-zone. Change has become part of everyone’s life. The pace of innovation is extremely fast. We need to change more and faster than ever before. We should learn how to transform our organization, our culture, our people and ourselves. There it starts.
Thinking about change & transformation, we have to consider:
•      The meaning and impact of paradigms
•       The meaning & impact of convictions
•      The impact of paradigms & convictions on new strategies
Guy Janssens presents Competences for Change and Transformation in your own organization. He presents in an understandable and inspiring way. A presentation that will give you and your organization new insights, lessons learned will be shared and you’ll be challenged and helped to apply this to your own situation. This presentation has inspired many senior managers to approach change in a different and successful way.


Competences for change and transformation

 Innovations happen in a fast pace. Nowadays organizations have to adapt and change faster than ever before to stay successful. Technology is available to create all kind of new products, services, business models, effective business process, etc. Research and today business of many companies points out that most transformations do not succeed successfully.
When you really want to make change possible in an effective manner in your organization, we advise you to participate this workshop.
TrendActor, Guy janssens has developed a workshop that will help organizations to manage change effectively. This workshop you will learn about strategies, tools to install change in your organization and to create more effectiveness and how to prevent disruption.
Elements of this workshop:
·     Changing mind-sets
·     Changing culture
·     Transformational Leadership
·     Team-effectiveness
After following this workshop, Guy and his team will develop, in collaboration with you, a transformational project to prepare your organization for the challenges.
During the workshop you will be given the knowledge and numerous tools and experiences to actually apply within your organization, during the transformational project.  A workshop that can give your organization a boost.

Delivery Method Onnline & Offline
Date T.b.d.
Location T.b.d.
Language Dutch (English on request)
Duration 8 hours
Price Please contact us at



Wednesday 18.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands

Workshop Backcasting

Wednesday 11.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands


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