Coen van Hees

Coen van Hees is an award-winning entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Story of AMS (creative digital production agency), host of the Brothertalks podcast and evangelist of “execution is the game”. Coen’s management experience from the USA and his internal drive to bring people together has led to great successful business synergies. He was recently nominated by Sprouts most promising entrepreneurs under 30 years. Coen is a regular guest speaker at the University of Amsterdam and several business schools. His ambition is to grow Story of AMS to an even bigger global brand. Besides Story of AMS he and his team recently launched another global brand called Blossom.
This is a SaaS product for yoga studios.
His vision on how to make this all possible? By focusing on building brand.  
Coen is happy to share his insights, tips and tricks in the community platform TrendActors.


You are a brand

Online keynote

Every contact you have with current or potential customers must reinforce your brand. You want to remind people of what you want them to remember about your brand and the business it represents. But that’s only half the story.
Even the biggest brands out there are relying more and more on the personal brands of influencers through ‘influencer marketing.
 You can do this too. Playing the long game and building your personal brand always plays out.
Leave the quick sale and trying to convert customers on the first interaction.
Focus on branding and creating an experience.
 Apple never tries to “convert” you into buying an iPhone. Instead, they paint a picture of the “iPhone experience.” They focus on branding.
In his talk, Coen will show you how to combine building a brand for your business and combine it with your personal brand.
Where do the two intersect and what are the long-term benefits.
After the talk you will at least walk away with:
-      How to beat the competition through branding
-      Why personal branding is key to long term success
-      How to act like a media company
-       Actionable personal branding strategies.




Wednesday 18.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands

Workshop Backcasting

Wednesday 11.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands


Service automation // Artificial Intelligence  // Digitalisering // Digital Transformation // Future of Work


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