Arthur is the CEO of INSPIR8ION (Strategy, Events & Design), INCluded Solutions (Technology & Innovation) and Co-Founder of The Future Starts Now (Skills of the Future). These are all organizations that help governments and companies to create future proof strategies, sustainable networks, once in a lifetime events, business trips and the workforce of the future. 
As a seasoned change manager, (digital) leader and board member he relishes to work in complex environments with political, societal and business challenges. As a known expert and speaker Arthur combines technological innovations with societal and organizational change. Human centric development is at the heart of his value-based approach. Focusing on the needs of citizens, customers and employees that are involved. 
With his no-nonsense, hands-on mentality he helps and manage organizations in their transformation. Translating abstract visions into innovative strategies, understandable principles and solid results. Connecting people within organizations, across organizational boundaries and international borders is his core quality.
Arthur is proud to be part of the community platform ‘Trend Actors’. A community where subject matter experts share their knowledge with others, who want to learn and apply their knowledge in practice. We don’t only talk, we walk the talk!


The Future of The Government

Online keynote

Government – we are all affected by it, but what should it look like in the future and what will it do? Around the world citizens’ trust in government is falling.
Meanwhile, rapid technological developments are making even the most advanced governments look flat-footed as people connect, exchange ideas and form new communities in radically different ways.
These developments are influencing power relations in society and will eventually lead to new forms of democracy and governance. It is becoming increasingly clear that the models of government we’ve relied upon for generations need radical rethinking. We need a bold new vision for how governments around the world should look, think and act.
Arthur Dallau will provide a clear view on public sector of the future in his keynote. 


The Future of Government

When governments want to make a positive impact on society they need to collaborate with citizens, companies and colleagues across the border. During this workshop we will show you how successful governments in the 21st Century set and reach their goals, how they collaborate with citizens and companies and which (leadership) skills are needed to actually create sustainable results.
Together we will answer the following questions:

·      What should government’s role in society be?
·      How can government empower citizens, companies and public servants to drive change?
·      What is the role of citizens and companies in the government of the future?
·      What goals should government be pursuing and how should success be measured?
After following this workshop you will be able to develop a State of the Art strategy and action plan for your organization, either being a government, institution, a citizen movement or company that interacts with government(s).
In the end we all have a role to play in the elevation of society and improve the quality of our lives together. So don’t hold back and come create the future with us!

Delivery Method Online | Offlie | Onsite
Date T.b.d.
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Language Dutch (English on request)
Duration 8 hours
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Wednesday 18.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands

Workshop Backcasting

Wednesday 11.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands


Service automation // Artificial Intelligence  // Digitalisering // Digital Transformation // Future of Work


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