Arno Nienhuis is a TrendActor in the field of Artificial Intelligence. In his career, Data, Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence have always been extremely important. Arno started his career as an entrepreneur with his own company in physical and digital archiving. After selling his business, he fulfilled management roles at Getronics, EMC and Oracle in sales- and country management. In addition to his work, he has followed numerous studies at IESE, Michigan University and MIT Sloan Management in the field of digital leadership and Artificial Intelligence.
As a digital leader and domain expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Arno is a popular speaker at universities and the business community. In an inspiring, clear and energetic way he explains Artificial Intelligence and explains how Artificial Intelligence (AI) impacts industries, customers, organizations and employees.
His pragmatic approach is clarifying and has given thousands of people a refreshing look at the impact that is being made with Artificial Intelligence. In addition to the technological and business opportunities, aspects such as; ethics, the successful implementation of AI in organizations, collaboration of people with AI and the future of work, are part of his story. Arno is passionate and always ensures that his message is focused on your industry, customers, organization and job.
For a good reason Arno is part of the community platform ‘TrendActors’. A community where subject matter experts share their knowledge with others, who want to learn and apply their knowledge in practice.


The impact of Artificial Intelligence

Online keynote

Artificial Intelligence will not only change what we do, but also who we are. The development in data science is going extremely fast and offers a numerous of new applications.
Artificial Intelligence is expected to have the most far-reaching impact: on global economies, on industries and organizations enabling to provide new and smarter solutions and to re-imaging their business processes.
In this keynote Arno Nienhuis will explain the rise of Artificial Intelligence. He will explain the differences between terminologies as big data, machine learning, deep learning, NLP, etc. after which the audience is able to really understand what Artificial Intelligence can do.Not technical but in an understandable way.
 In his keynote he makes clear how and where Artificial Intelligence in today’s world can be applied.
Artificial Intelligence create great possibilities but also bring great responsibilities. Topics as bias – ethics – security are also part of his keynote.
After this keynote the audience will really understand what Artificial Intelligence is and how this will impact organizations, and also ourselves as a customer or employee.
This keynote can be tailored to every audience (industry, profession, customers, social for good).


Artificial Intelligence – Creating a successful organization brain

The possibilities with Artificial Intelligence have increased enormously in recent years. With AI, organizations are able to solve narrow problems. Sometimes problems that we were not always aware of.
If you want to discover the possibilities that AI can offer your organization and customers, you should not miss this workshop. This workshop we will explain what AI is and how you can apply AI into your business.
TrendActors, has developed a workshop to apply AI as part of your business strategy. During this workshop you’ll be challenged how AI could solve problems and create better:
·     Solutions and services for your customers
·     (Effective) internal business processes
·     Support for employees in the organization
After finding new AI opportunities in your organization this workshop will advise you in the process of building an AI implementation plan. The following topics will be covered:
·     Multi-disciplinary team
·     Re-skilling your organization
·     AI Transparency
·     Business Ethics and Security

Several use cases and references will be shared during this workshop. Every modern business leader should join this workshop. After this workshop you’ll be able to understand the impact and importance of Artificial Intelligence in your business.  This workshop can be gamechanger and give your organization a head start!

Delivery Method Online & Offline
Date T.b.d.
Location T.b.d.
Language Dutch & English
Duration 8 hours
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Wednesday 18.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands

Workshop Backcasting

Wednesday 11.03.2020 - Utrecht, Netherlands


Service automation // Artificial Intelligence  // Digitalisering // Digital Transformation // Future of Work


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