Our TrendActors

Tinky Bart

Domain Expert: Service

Keynote: Strategic Impact of services in a new age
Workshop: Strategic Impact of services in a new age 

Tony van Dam

Domain Expert: Social Selling

Keynote: The Power of Social Selling
Workshop: Social Selling ++

Wessel Berkman

Domain Expert: Sales

Keynote: The commercial revolution
Workshop: Sales 2021

Arthur Dallau

Domain expert: Strategic Leadership & Government 4.0

Keynote: The future of Government
Workshop: The future of Government

Guy Janssens

Domain Expert: Change Management

Keynote: Competence for change and transformation
Workshop: Competence for change and transformation

Arno Nienhuis

Domain expert: Artificial Intelligence

Keynote: The impact of Artificial Intelligence
Workshop: Creating a succesful organization brain

Phillipe Gosseye

Domain Expert: Marketing

Keynote: The Extraverted Nerd
Workshop: The Extraverded Nerd

Peter Mols

Domain Expert: Blockchain

Keynote: Blockchain
Workshop: Blockchain

Peter Ros

Domain Expert: Transformation & Future 4.0

Keynote: Backcasting for Future Strategy
Workshop: Backcasting for Future Strategy

Arthur de Crook

Domain Expert: Robotics

Keynote: Robotics fot Future Presidents
Workshop: Robotics for Future Presidents

Coen van Hees

Domain Expert: Brand Management

Keynote: You are a brand
Workshop: You are a brand

Aart Wegink

Domain Expert: Internet of Things

Keynote: The IoT revolution
Workshop: The IoT revolution

Jos Westerkamp

Domain Expert: Augmented - & Virtual Reality

Keynote: Disrupting the value chain with AR/VR
Workshop: AR/VR

Rogier Schmit

Domain Expert: Digital Transformation

Keynote: Digital Transformation
Workshop: Digital Transformation


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