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TrendActors domain experts offer expertise on today’s technology and business trends in an active and comprehensible manner. This enables organizations and its business leaders to accelerate innovation and apply trends in practice. Our domain experts are passioned and excellent business leaders willing to share their knowledge
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Internet of Things

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Augmented- & Virtual Reality

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Organizations and businesses have to navigate and operate in a more volatile, uncertain and complex environment, and innovation trends advance exponentially, with disruptive economic and lifestyle effects.  

TrendActors share their insights and extensive knowledge on technology, business processes, people and adoption with professionals and business leaders.

TrendActors explain the relevant trends and their potential impact through our knowledge sharing community. We help you to make trends actionable and executable so you can benefit.


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Tuesday 7.04.2020 - Huizen, The Netherlands


Thursday 9.04.2020 - Huizen, The Netherlands

India fast growing Tech country

What makes India so special and how does it distinguish itself from Europe, America and China in the start-up area?  India has approximately 1.3 billion inhabitants and is after hina with approximately 1.4 billion inhabitants the country with...

Want to strengthen your brand? Consistency is key!

Nowadays, people often start their service journeys online. In 65% of these journeys, human assistance is required. But why? The answer is consistency, or a lack thereof. People will chat, call, mail or visit a shop. And guess what, they don’t always receive the same answer. Each service channel offers up content that is just a little bit different.


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