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Peter ROS

Transformation & Future 4.0


Sales 2021

Tinky Bart

Digital Service

jos westerkamp

Augmented- & Virtual Reality


Artificial Intelligence


DIgital Transformation


Social Selling




The accelerating digital transformation asks for immidiate insights and action. Please learn and act using our online workshops and keynotes.


Online Workshop | Date

The Digital transformation accelerates and provides organizations many new opportunities in delivering new services – new solutions – new business models.  A commercial (digital) transformation is required to anticipate on the changing behavior of the B2B buyer.
In this workshop, TrendActor, Wessel Berkman helps organization to stay commercially successful. 

Online Workshop | Date

Increase your service employee/department productivity with visual assistance of Augmented reality.

Discover a simple new way of servicing your customer. This workshop is especially interesting for senior managers of service and innovation department who want to lead their team in helping customers more efficient and more delightful.

You walk away with a clear understanding about the fundamentals of AR, how it can be used and what possibilities AR bring for your Service department.

Online Workshop | Date

This workshop helps you and your organization to expand your network, create more opportunities and increase your revenue.

The entire social selling process is explained. You’ll get answers on how to manage the social selling process and you’ll learn how to; build your brand, find the buyer, engage with the buyer, educate the buyer, etc.

After the first live webinar session you’ll have a good impression of how to maximize sales with the use of social selling. You’ll be invited to join 6 additional online webinars.

Online Workshop | Date

Organizations have to adapt and transform their business to satisfy the customer and meet customer requirements. This workshop will explain how to manage the digital transformation. We will share best practices and lessons learned. With a small team of people, you will explore and choose the most important challenge your organization currently faces in sustaining customer relations.

 After scanning the latest trends and technologies in the market, you will be able to create several solutions and you will be able to build sustainable, long term solutions for your organization to meet evolving customer expectations.

Online Workshop | Date

This workshop will guide you in the definition of “your future of service” and what is required to achieve this from a people, process, content and technological perspective. It helps you to decide what you can do tomorrow to become a successful and result driven service minded organization. 

The decision making and lessons learned based on true experiences will inspire you to decide what should be your next step. This workshop guides you through the process and gets you started.

Online Workshop | Date

With AI, organizations are able to solve targeted problems. Sometimes problems that we were not always aware of. Discover the possibilities that AI can offer to your organization and customers. We will explain what AI is and how you can apply AI into your business.

You’ll be challenged on how AI could solve problems and create better: Solutions and services for your customers, Internal business processes and Support for employees in the organization

Several use cases and references will be shared during this workshop. 


Disorder (Wanorde) | Date

By Peter Ros

For any organization that wants to get a better grip on the opportunities related to a crisis:

- Man strives for order. Still, we get our share of chaos, especially in these corona times.
- How do we make chaos our friend and not an enemy to be afraid of?
- How do you ensure that you become more resilient and can use a crisis to create opportunities?

Peter Ros, professional keynote speaker and author of the bestseller Warorde (Disorder)


By Coen van Hees

Every contact you have with current or potential customers must reinforce your brand. You want to remind people of what you want them to remember about your brand and the business it represents. But that’s only half the story. 

Leave the quick sale and trying to convert customers on the first interaction. Focus on branding and creating an experience. 

Apple never tries to “convert” you into buying an iPhone. Instead, they paint a picture of the “iPhone experience.” They focus on branding.

In his talk, Coen will show you how to combine building a brand for your business and combine it with your personal brand.


Organizations and businesses have to navigate and operate in a more volatile, uncertain and complex environment, and innovation trends advance exponentially, with disruptive economic and lifestyle effects.  

TrendActors share their insights and extensive knowledge on technology, business processes, people and adoption with professionals and business leaders.

TrendActors explain the relevant trends and their potential impact through our knowledge sharing community. We help you to make trends actionable and executable so you can benefit.



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